As I walk over the paved path, they closely follow behind

Remaining a safe distance in the back of my mind

Each rock in my way, a plethora of obstacles combined

Always another ahead, yet I still approach blind

These colorful beings still linger with no attempt to hide

I keep from looking back, hoping they will promptly subside

But even though out of sight, they continue to glide

I can feel their presence as they weaken my pride

A flutter in my ear, strength and fear elegantly collide

Cautiously, I move with a pounding heart and a heavy stride

I leave a trail of footprints, but with each step a piece of me dies

Regrettably, I pause long enough to throw courage aside

They catch up and surround me with their everlasting lies

Repeatedly, they attack, but I’ll keep struggling to rise

I try to learn from my mistakes, but inevitably abide

I admit defeat under the swarm of pests with terror in my eyes

I declare surrender, knowing we’ll never stand side by side

So yet again I find myself broken and my sentiment pried

I’m engulfed in their wings, sharper than knives

They pierce through my core as I collapse with silent cries

I’m pining for serenity, yet I further decline

I’m undoubtedly no stranger to this unforgiving ride

I undeniably try to compromise, but they’re never too kind

The clock keeps ticking, and with time I’ll survive

I manage to emerge when it’s my turn to take flight

I’ll rise above them, head high and fists tight

Retreating to my gut, they’ll crush and crumble, grate and grind

However, they will emerge from within me every now and then

The superior, winged creatures from my internal butterfly garden

LeoX2, 2016


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